Divorce Mediation is the civil approach to dividing assets, determining support and parenting children after separation.


The average Orange County divorce costs each party over $8000. Divorce mediation avoids these excessive costs and provides a full service divorce for a flat fee of $3500.


Long court delays and bureaucratic rules make divorce a stressful and expensive endear. We simply the process without the need for a process service or an appearance at court. We are generally finished with a divorce judgment in less than six months.


Orange County Divorce Mediation

Orange County Divorce Mediation was established by Anna Brace who is a certified family law specialist and has been an Orange County divorce attorney for over 25 years. Anna is at court each week for numerous hearings and trials. It is this experience that lead Anna to believe that there is a better way. Anna was tired of watching families create unnecessary stress and animosity by getting into the court system with rigid bureaucratic rules and delays. Missed work, financial hardships, stress affects the parties’ health and impacts the children are all common results of the divorce process. We simplify the process, exchange documents rather than use formal discovery and determine what is necessary rather than run up fees.


Mediation Process

With Mediation, no one is served with documents and there are no court hearings

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Petition is prepared and filed, and then served to the other party by e-mail.


Parties complete their disclosures provided by our office and exchange requested information.


Mediation takes place in the comfort of our office, We can usually complete the matter with one session, however if a valuation is required, two sessions may be required.


A written stipulated judgment is forwarded to you to print and review in the comfort of your home. Any requested changes or questions are addressed.


Papers are signed and nortarized in our office, then they are filed with the Court.

There are no process servers, no one needs to go to court!


Our Attorney Profile

Anna has been practicing family law in Orange County courts for over 25 years. Anna attended UCLA and then Whittier Law School. Anna belongs to numerous organizations including the Orange County Family Law Bar and the Association of Certified Family Law Attorneys. Anna volunteers with the Orange County Bar Association Attorney Client Dispute Resolution committee. Anna has three teenage boys and two dogs. When not working or shuttling the kids, Anna and her husband can often found on the San Clemente beach trial or San Onofre State beach with the dogs.


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